Raw Chocolate

I love making my own chocolate. I like knowing exactly what’s gone into my chocolate, but most of all I just love the taste!

This recipe will provide you with a very basic dark chocolate that is delicious. But don’t be scared to mix it up a little, add your own touch with a little pinch of chilli or some finely grated orange zest.

To add a bit of crackle and crunch to my chocolate I added some Loving Earth Chocolate Buckinis.

Happy sprouting, baking and cooking!
x Danielle

Raw Chocolate


200g cacao butter
100g cacao powder
70g honey or maple syrup
pinch of salt


Chop the cacao butter into rough pieces, if this is a bit difficult than you can grate it. Then melt the cacao butter gently over a very low heat in a small saucepan.

Once it has melted remove from the heat and add the cacao powder, honey or maple syrup and a pinch of salt.

Using a whisk combine all of the ingredients well, at this point add your bit of magic to the mix.

This may be a pinch of cinnamon or some grated orange zest.

Pour the mixture gently into either some chocolate moulds or ice cube trays.

Pop this into the fridge or freezer to set for 1 to 2 hours.

This chocolate has to be stored in the fridge otherwise it will melt!

You’ll be able to buy the cacao butter and cacao powder from your local health food store. You can vary the ratio of cacao powder and sweetener. For example, if you like a very dark chocolate than add 120g of cacao powder and only 50g of honey or maple syrup. If you enjoy more of a milk chocolate flavour than instead of using 200g of cacao butter use 100g of cacao butter and 100g of coconut oil, and add 90g of honey or maple syrup. Have fun getting creative and creating your own piece of chocolate heaven!

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