Quick Salad Jars

Quick Salad Jars

This salad jar recipe is great to bring to the beach or a picnic, it’s quick to assemble, very portable and tasty! The idea is you layer the ingredients for your salad into the jar the reverse of how you would create a salad in a bowl. This way when you tip the contents of the jar into a bowl, the salad greens are on the bottom and the toppings and dressing are on top. Feel free to get creative with this recipe and use any combination of salad greens and toppings.

Makes: 1 jar

Gluten Free & Vegetarian

Happy sprouting, baking and cooking!

x Danielle

Quick Salad Jars


¼ C green tahini dressing (see previous recipe)

Handful walnuts

50g goats cheese

Handful chopped cherry tomatoes

Handful flat leaf parsley

½ avocado, diced

2 handfuls fresh rocket


Use a large jar for this recipe. Start the first layer with the green tahini dressing, then follow with the walnuts, goats cheese, cherry tomatoes, parsley, avocado and fresh rocket. Pop the lid on and store in the fridge. Just before serving, remove the lid and tip the contents of the jar onto a plate. Toss together and enjoy your salad!

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