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Are you well?

with Nutritionist Danielle Minnebo

Every single thing you do each day has a direct impact on your level of wellness, whether it is what you’ve eaten, how much you’ve trained or how well you’ve slept.

Achieving wellness does not involve starving yourself, depriving yourself of fats, counting calories or over training. Nor is wellness defined by the number on the scales or by the size clothes you wear. The meaning of wellness is about so much more than that.

Wellness is defined by how well we…

  • Eat
  • Train, rest and recover
  • Fall asleep, stay asleep and wake feeling refreshed in the morning
  • Feel throughout the day both energetically and emotionally
  • Handle stress and how frequently we expose our bodies to stress

To quote Anne Wigmore:

‘ The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.’

Every single time we prepare food and eat something we make a choice. Yes, we can survive on vegemite and toast, or on a protein shake for dinner. But do you want to merely survive? What if we changed the foods we ate to include foods that nourish us and help our bodies THRIVE instead?

To achieve wellness in your life you need to find balance and prioritize what is important. So often people think that they can train themselves out of a poor diet, or that you can train or eat yourself out of a chronic lack of sleep.

All 3 are equally important, What you eat always comes first, you must get this right, how you sleep, rest and recover comes second. And lastly how you train and move. Yes, you can train exceptionally well, eat a poor diet and get minimal sleep and survive.

But this isn’t about surviving, this is about THRIVING, and to thrive we need to focus on all aspects equally and prioritize them in the right order.

How to put this all together: